2018 Call for Nominations

We are seeking nominations for the following positions within CoANA:

- President Elect
- Vice President
- Treasurer
- 2 Board of Director Positions

Submit nominations Glen Taylor at hubietaylor@hotmail.com
Active status member of CoANA. (This is included within your annual AANA dues.)

President Elect nominees must have had prior service on the CoANA board.

Ineligibility for Office
      No officer or member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists may hold office in this Association. In the event that an officer or member of the Board of Directors of this Association accepts an office in the National Association, office in the Colorado Association of Nurse Anesthetists automatically expires.

Descriptions for positions can be found in the bylaws on the CoANA webpage.

CoANA exists to support member needs and represent their interests as CRNA’s in Colorado. We look forward to your nominations and serving with you.

Sharon Heberer, CRNA
Nomination Committee Chair